This Privacy Policy describes the information collected by Chaim Gingold through the mobile application Earth Primer.

The app does NOT collect any information about your child.

The app does NOT even collect anonymous usage statistics of the app.

The app does NOT know about any identifying information such as: name, address, email, phone-numbers or photos.

The app remembers which pages have been read, and the landscapes made in the sandbox mode, but this information stays on your device. I do not collect this information. You can erase this information whenever you want by deleting the app.

There are NO in-app purchases.

It is a one time purchase of the full app.

There is NO advertising within the app.

There is no social media integration in the app.

Some parts of the book link to the sources (e.g. NASA) and licenses (e.g. CCBY) of background images, but all web links are locked behind a parental gate. Children cannot access the web through the app without going through the parental gate. The parental gate which enables outgoing web links is not in the app itself, but within iOS Settings > Earth Primer.

For any questions or suggestions please contact me: